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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If you have a good mirror, reflected you will be better.

      A person who is in front of you is your mirror; he or she reflects how you are.

              For example, when you think that your counterparts of conversation boast of themselves, your way of receiving them reflects how you are. This situation shows that the counterparts have a desire to show off or to be praised, but at the same time it shows that you also have the same desire as they have.

              If you don’t have such desire at all, you must not think the counterparts as people who crave the limelight. If you think so, this is an evidence that you also have same desire.

              Your counterpart is your mirror. This proposition also means that you can play a role as your counterpart’s mirror. Therefore, it is possible to change how counterpart is by how you are, and it is also possible to be changed how you are by how the counterpart is.

              Hence if you meet a good person, you can make yourself better by using him or her as a mirror. I realized this fact when I met a great person recently.

              I thought this man didn’t have a desire to show off or to be praised at all. It is usual for us to have a desire to appeal ourselves to some extent especially when we meet someone for the first time. However, when I met this man for the first time, my latent desire to be praised didn’t reveal at all.

              We usually use this kind of words; “you should be just the way you are”, but it is not easy to embody this word. It is natural for most of us to have a desire to boast of ourselves and to be praised.

              However, what if there is a person who doesn’t care about evaluations from others at all and concentrate just on what his or her true self seeks…?

              What you can get from attitudes or atmosphere of who is in front of you has much stronger power to change you rather than what you are said. When I met the man and share atmosphere with him, I felt that I received a silent but strong message; “you should be just the way you are.”

              Therefore, if you have a “good mirror” in front of you, reflected you will become better. My next challenge seems to keep this good state without this “good mirror”.

              If I can make it, I can become a “good mirror” for others, and I can make others better.

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