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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Self as a medium

You are a perfect being as you are.

When you are said in this way, you tend to have this questions;

Then, dont I need to anything?

NO, no,
You take yourself in wrong way.

You regard your true self as the unchangeable subject that exists without any transitions and interactions with others and do nothing, arent you?

In reality, however, we are cast on this world first, and are made to start living while we cannot understand why we do so.

We tend to think we have a body first and the body changes and interacts with others.
But, in fact, interactions first, transitions first, and the place that they happens is called body.

The existence of I is dependent on this world.

So there is no such thing as the self that does nothing and isnt placed anywhere.
This is a mere product of our thoughts.

Some people use the expression; we need to keep internal peace,
But we cannot identify internal and external.

Even if we become a priest and renounce the world, we cannot exist without interaction with the world.

Im not mentioning some special states of spirituality.
Im mentioning in an actual way.

For example, see how your body is.

Your body doesnt exist as an entity.
The interactions with what you eat and drink, the air you inhale, and the bacteria that live in your body happen all the time.
We cannot live without them even a few moment!

It is said that the number of bacteria that live in human body are more than that of human cells.
Not are bacteria living in our body, but are we living on bacteria!

Then, when we say I am thinking, what on earth are thinking?

When I chanted Yoga Mantra one day,

I tried to manage how I chant well at first.

As I continued, however, the consciousness that I am chanting was getting to disappear.

I felt like the world wanted to express something and accidentally my body was chosen as a medium.

I didnt need technique to chant anymore.
What I did was just try not to distract the flow of the energy.

Even though my self-consciousness disappears, it doesnt mean my personality does.
My personality remains through my body inevitably.
(Feel a relief!)

When I was there as a medium, I felt so fantastic.
But, it is boorish to try to maintain it and to find the way to represent it.

On the same level, for us, mere media of what the world wants to express, it is also boorish to try to remove something bad when things dont go well.

We are just placed in this world, and we can enjoy the transitions and interactions that happen there.

Well then, is there nothing that we can do?
Relax. You are doing something inevitably.

So, dont I need to do anything positively?


Im wondering in the same question that I cast as first

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