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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shock and Love

Yesterday was a big day for me,

One of my closest friends said to me;

"Quit Yoga! "
(He was drinking and the way he said was half joke and half true.)

I was shocked, damaged, and confused by this word.

I'm thinking a lot about this word....

What did he want to say?

Last month, I attended a philosophical meeting that he was also there.

The member including him were talking about human relationship.
But I don't know why, I couldn't get into this conversation, couldn't say any words to them.
For me, what they were talking was not a problem.
So I could only see empty words there.

Maybe you can notice, I read U.G.'s book and did Yoga a lot at that time.
I was a kind of nihilistic, and couldn't see the value in that conversation.

However, I am a person.
I can only see the world from the perspective of a person.

And at that time, there were people who talked about human relation in front of me.

In short, I had to face them.
I had to love them more.

Even if I had a great experience in yoga or meditation or anything,
I had to face and tried to relate to people in front of me.

If I really thought that there was no problem there, I had to say so and make everyone stop the search.
If I disliked them, I had to show how I felt.

That's the best way to send love to them.

What I shown them was not Love, but an opposite thing; indifference.

That's why he was mad at me.

Again, what he wanted to say?

If I put it in other words,

"If you make hierarchy by doing yoga, quit yoga!"

In fact, I spend a "special" time by doing yoga every morning.

I can feel the connection with the world through my body, breath, and movements.

However, if I talk with someone, I can access to the world through him or her.
If I have a trouble, I can deeply relate to the world by thinking about it thoroughly.

There is no superior point in yoga(=breathing and moving exercise).

If I access to the whole world, I should start form where I am.

What he wanted to say might be;

"Look at me!"


Happiness is to have enough love for all the windows even while cherishing that special one view carved deep inside your heart.


I have something that I feel special love.
(How much I say "I love all", still I have something special, yoga, family, close friend....)

But at the same time, I face something right now.
That's what I should embrace most.

I will send Love to whole world, from where I am.

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