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Saturday, June 25, 2016

From Daily to Samurai

What are you researching for?This is one of the most difficult questions for me, but today I try to explain.

As I told you in self-introduction, I began to research for physical movements when I met Kono Harunori, who is a researcher for it. His father, Kono Yoshinori, is a master of Japanese classical martial arts. Kono Harunori researches for the physical movements based on the essence of martial arts by using daily movements such as raising hand or holding bag. In the society I hold in the university we practice simple movements as Kono Harunori does.

I give an example; the practice of “raising hand”. In this exercise, what you do is just raise your hand.

Maybe you are confusing…but, this natural and nonchalant movement is incredibly important.

Next, imagine that your hand is pressed down when you try to raise your hand. As soon as you do, most of you will be conscious to the obstacle, and natural and nonchalant movement you did without trouble also will disappear.

It is very important “not to be opposed” from point of view of traditional martial arts. In order “not to be opposed”, you should “just” raise your hand without caring about the fact that you are being pressed down.

This technique, “without caring”, is pretty difficult. Miyamoto Musashi, one of the most famous medieval samurai said,

“You can walk on a one-meter-wide board on the ground. However, if this board is laid across from the top of the castle to the top of that mountain, you will be afraid to walk on it. The essence of samurai is to regard them as same one-meter-wide boards and walk on them easily.”

In this case it is important “not to care” about the fact that you may die if you fail. You can practice this essence, “not to care” about difficulty and obstacle, in a simple and commonplace movement such as raising a hand.

Some people regard essence of martial arts as for only special person. However, if you sensitive to your daily movements, you can experience the state like samurai was in.

This is how I research for physical movements.

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