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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Self-introduction (Renewal in November, 2016)

Yuto Matoba

Born in 1996 in Japan.

Personal history
In order to improve as a soccer player, I began to learn body movements based on martial arts from Harunori Kono at age of 14. As I learned it, I became interested in the relation between body movements and way of life.

After entering the university of Tsukuba, I established a student organization “Society of Body Movements” in order to keep researching for it through not only theory but practice. In this society, I instruct and research for movements with wooden swards, and movements that make activities of daily living easy and comfortable once a week.

At the 2nd year of university, I realized that yoga was a good material for research for the relation between body and way of life. After I learned about yoga by myself a few months, I made up my mind to learn yoga in the home of yoga. Then I visited to Rishikesh, India and took 200 hours teacher training there.

After coming back to Japan, I began to teach yoga. I hold Morning Yoga Class in the university every Thursday. Apart from this, I hold lessons of yoga and body movements at a Japanese drum club in Tsukuba city.

RYT200 Yoga Alliance

What I want to do
to be natural state of body and mind.
to offer yoga and body movements that is accordance with client’s state.

What I can teach
Basic asana and pranayama practice of traditional hatha yoga.
Adjustment of body movements that make activities of daily life easy and comfortable
Body movements with wooden swards

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